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Hair Straightening

Bio Ionic Hair Straightening

Bio Ionic hair straightening is a way to retexturise your hair. That is a way to reconstruct your hair. The most requested application for Bio Ionic retexturising is to make a clients hair permanently straight However Bio Ionic retexturising can make any unruly hair feel softer, finer and less thick. It can flatten big untamed hair into silky straight behaved hair.

Bio Ionic Permanent Straightening System

At Charles Nicholas we offer the unique Japanese-founded straightening process which reconstructs the hair taming, straightening and reshaping, the hair into silky, glossy pin straight locks day in day out in all types of weather to guarantee optimum results a total synergistic system of Bio Ionic shampoos conditioners, micro hydration treatments and Bio Trinity styling tools are in salon and at home prices.

Bio Ionic Agave Oil Smoothing Treatment

A temporary organic answer to unruly, dehydrated, frizzy hair. Walk out feeling smooth, shiny, manageable and soft for up to 12 weeks.

Straightening FAQ

How long does it last?

About 6-8 months before you need to do the procedure again concentrating on the new hair growth at the roots to about 3-4 inches from the scalp.

Will it hurt my hair?

Like any chemical procedure on the hair if done incorrectly it can hurt the hair. When done correctly the hair will feel softer and be straighter and easier to manage.

What if my hair is coloured?

If the hair has an even colour all over the procedure is to protect the hair and apply the Bio Ionic cream. The hair will process sometimes a bit quicker than hair that is not coloured but that is not a problem.

What if my hair has Highlights?

A special conditioning gel that is applied before the Bio Ionic cream is applied protects the highlights. This takes more time for the stylists but is not a problem.

What is the average cost?

The procedure can take three to seven hours and can cost $350 to $990. We recommend you get a quote from our stylists.

Do I have to do anything special on my hair at home before or after?

Yes you do before and after:

  1. Before: our stylists will check when giving you a free quote that you are not on any certain medications or vitamins that will interfere with the Bio Ionic procedure. You will then shampoo with a special prep shampoo at home and avoid certain styling products.
  2. After: most clients are so thrilled with the results they want to maximise the result by using the Bio Ionic range of products.

What products are there?

Besides the Bio Ionic shampoos and conditioners and moisturisers, there are also the most amazing blow driers, straightening irons and brushes.

Can I just wash my hair and not blow-dry it after?

After the Bio Ionic procedure if you let your hair dry naturally it will appear fairly flat and straight. However if you prefer a blow-dried look you will still need to blow dry your hair but it will require less effort and time. I f you like a pin straight ironed look, you will still need to iron your hair but again it will be easier to do and last much longer in humid conditions or at the gym.

Will the quote cost me anything?

Even though the quote takes about 30 minutes, it is free. But if you decide to go ahead, you will probably purchase the prep shampoo at the time of the consultation.

Is the Agave Oil Hair Treatment suitable for me?

Agave Oil Treatments are perfect for almost everyone regardless of hair type. Agave Smoothing Treatment CAN be used over previously chemically straightened hair such as Keratin Treatments, Thio based straighteners and Sodium Hydroxide Relaxers. It recommended that you not have any perms, relaxers, or straighteners within the 2 weeks. Other than that, you should always consult your doctor before any salon service if you are a pregnant women, a nursing mother, or you have very high sensitivity to chemicals (as with all other salon services like colour or perms).

What kind of result will I get with this service?

As with all smoothing treatments, your original hair type and texture will determine the result you will receive with the Agave Oil Treatment.

  • Fine, slightly wavy hair will be 100% straight
  • Medium hair with prominent wave will be 90-100% straight
  • Medium-coarse hair with a slight curl will receive 90-100% volume reduction and 70-80% curl reduction
  • Curly hair will receive 70% volume reduction and 60-70% curl reduction
  • Dry, very curly hair will receive a 50% volume reduction and a 50-60% curl reduction

Do I have to wait to wash my hair like with some other smoothing treatments?

After your service is completed, you will only need to allow 20 minutes for the Agave Oil Treatment to continue to process. After 20 minutes, you may wash your hair whenever you like. To ensure proper results, your first wash after the treatment must be with the Agave support shampoo.

What aftercare is involved with this process?

To avoid reversing the results of your smoothing treatment, the use of proper support shampoos and conditioners is required. Agave brand shampoo, conditioner, and styling oil will compliment the benefits of the service and provide longer-lasting results. Sodium-chloride (salt) in any shampoo, conditioner, or styling product MUST be avoided.

How easy will my hair be to handle after having this process done?

After having the process done all you will need to do when you wash your hair is a quick blow dry style; that?s pretty much it! You will spend less time than you normally spend in your quest to achieve straight hair. Once dry, you are ready to face the Orlando humidity and, if you do get caught in some rain, you won?t end up with frizz.

How often does the treatment need to be applied?

The Agave Oil Treatment will last up to 12 weeks depending on your hair type and your follow-up care. Over time the effects will slowly diminish and your hair will return to a natural state. The treatment can be re-done as often as you like.

Can I swim in a pool and go to the beach?

Regularly swimming in salt water or a salt chlorinated pool will reduce the life of your treatment. In moderation, it is fine but we strongly recommend the use of a product to protect your hair and extend the life of your treatment. Soleil Aqua-Seal by Kerastase is the best we've found. You should always use the proper hair care products and methods to keep your hair clean and healthy. Your stylist will discuss this during your treatment.

How much does it cost?

Agave Oil Treatments ranges from $220-$350.