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Hair Extensions

Have you ever wanted your hair to be longer and or thicker?

With hair extensions anything is possible. You can have long hair for a day a week or for a few months. You can have natural colours or bright novelty colours, again for a day a week or a few months.

As the first hairdresser in Newcastle to offer hair extensions, Charles Nicholas are extremely experienced at all methods of hair extensions, ready to achieve the best results for your hair type and individual style.

Extensions FAQ

How do you do hair extensions?

We use several methods:

  1. Braided (or plaited) into your hair. This is for a braided look like African braids. Any colour can be selected including natural or very bright colours. Synthetic fibre is used.
  2. Weaved into your hair. This is where hair wefts (hair on a string like a grass skirt) are sewn into your hair. Human hair is used. Very popular and excellent value.
  3. Tie-ins are where a small braid is done near the roots and secured with a special string. The braid is only about 1 centimetre long. Either synthetic fibre or human hair is used. Great for a few highlights.
  4. Bonded/glued hair extension. A special adhesive is bonded onto the hair. The bond is then fused onto the clients hair about 1 centimetre from the scalp. Human hair is used unless a few bright synthetic fibre highlights are requested.
  5. Tape extensions are flat and undetectable. These are great for people who need the joins to be high above the crown without detection.

Why so many ways to extend hair?

The technique chosen will depend on the clients own hair length and the desired outcome. For example, the clients hair is very short, bonded extensions would be best. The clients wants to have extensions for the wedding but out for the beach honeymoon and then back in on her return and she has adequate length, then the versatile weaving technique is best. The client may want very bright colours on holiday or for sporting team but easily removed , then the tie-in technique is best.

How long do hair extensions stay in my hair?

  1. Braids - Your hair grows about 1 centimetre per month. Therefore the braids after about 2-3 months will start to look messy at the roots. You have 3 options: remove the braids, wear a headband or bandana etc, or redo the crucial areas (e.g. along part and edges) which is not as expensive as redoing the lot. Please remember after 2-3 months a small dreadlock may be forming at the root area. The longer you keep your braids in the hair the more difficult it is to comb out.
  2. Weaves - After 6-8 weeks the weave will require a pull-up. That is, they are removed and redone but we reuse the hair. The hair,if cared for well, should last about 3-4 pull-ups about 6 months before it needs new hair.
  3. Tie-ins also grow down and require a pull-up every 6-8 weeks.
  4. Bonded/glued extension usually last longer than the other techniques before requiring a redo, about 3-6 months. However the longer you keep the bonded extension in the greater chance of a small dreadlock forming at the root area. It is difficult to recycle the hair from this technique. If you left them indefinitely you would shed them off in a natural cycle of hair replacement, but this is not recommended.
  5. Tape extensions will need to be replaced and puled back up towards the scalp every six to eight weeks.

Do the hair extensions hurt my hair?

Braids, weaves and tie-ins use no chemicals and are easily removed or replaced after 6-8 weeks. Some people find the bonded extensions more difficult to remove and if the stylist is too aggressive removing them some damage could result to the clients hair. We recommend a correct removal gel and patience on behalf of the stylist and the client.

Can I still colour my hair?

With hair extensions you can still colour your regrowth and revive your end colour. Human hair extensions can be toned or darkened but lightning them is not recommended. Extreme colour change on extensions is best done by replacing them with the correct coloured extensions. Synthetic fibre will not accept colour change but can easily be replaced.

How do I care for my hair extensions?

  1. Braids will last longer and look neater if minimal amount of swimming and shampooing occurs. A dry shampoo spray is ideal. A variety of up-styles and knots will stop you from being bored with the one look with your braids. Our stylists will teach you some quick simple but eye-catching looks.
  2. Weaves require shampooing but not on a daily basis. We recommend twice weekly but a leave on conditioner can be used daily. We recommend loose braids at night for sleeping. A soft pure bristle brush should be used especially just before shampooing and a large tooth comb on wet hair after shampooing. We recommended products that are brilliant on extensions; please ask our stylists. Avoid lots of swimming and spas. On a motorbike or anywhere windy or turbulent try a braid or ponytail.
  3. Tie-ins using human hair, refer to Weaves above. Tie-ins using synthetic fibre does not respond that well to conditioners compared to human hair. However the bright colours of the synthetic fibre do not fade.
  4. Bonded/glued and Tape extensions, refer to Weaves above, but before shampooing an additional step is required and that is to separate the bonds back to the roots by gently pulling and wriggling them apart. This must be done on dry hair before shampooing. A soft brush then on the mid-lengths to ends.

How do I remove my extensions?

  1. Braids are usually melted on the ends of the synthetic fibre to stop them unravelling. Cut this end of making sure you are still below the length of your own hair and then un-plait the rest. A Tail Comb will help, plus a couple a friends.
  2. Shed hair may have accumulated in the little dread at the roots and will be combed out. Look like a lot of hair but do not be alarmed.
  3. Weaves require that the tread be unpicked carefully not cutting your hair or damaging the weft. Remove and comb out shed hair.
  4. If replacing simply re-cornrow the base and sew back in.
  5. Bonded/Glued and Taped extensions will need the removing gel applied to the join and then pinched with the pliers and then carefully combed out.

Can I style my extension?

Any heated appliance can be used on human hair extensions after a heat protector has been applied to them. That is a blower, tongs or straightening irons. Vigorous brushing is not recommended. Synthetic fibre will melt or frizz with any additional heat!!

What's the approximate cost of hair extensions?

Please refer to our price list to the left. Average head of hair may require one double and one single row of weaves. Thicker hair two double rows look good, sometimes needing additional sides. Bonds on average 100 to 150 grams of hair used. For African Plaits and Tie-in Singles, refer to our price list.

What hair lengths and curls does extension hair come in?

Our European human hair comes in 22 inch (60 cm) lengths. Human hair comes in straight, wavy or curly textures. Human hair comes in many colours from black to blonde and can be coloured by a stylist. See colouring. Synthetic fibre comes in metre long lengths that are folded in half when braided in. Synthetic fibre comes in straight or crimped. Synthetic fibre comes in colours from blonde to black and also very bright fun colours.