Charles Nicholas Hairdressing | Hair Extensions Dreadlocks | Newcastle, Australia

Vision Statement

Charles Nicholas Hairdressing be recognised by the Australian public and the hairdressing industry as pioneers and experts in hair extensions and dreadlocks and excellence as hairdressers in all areas of hairdressing.

Mission Statement

Every person that has contact with Charles Nicholas Hairdressing enters a unique hairdresser experience. A hairdresser experience that not only transforms the external look but invigorates the soul within. A hairdressing experience that imparts true friendship, inspiration and beauty.

Our Lead Stylist

Sonya Bowden

Sonya Bowden

Sonya is the principal stylist and owner of Charles Nicholas. With 15 years of experience, Sonya is a most dedicated and talented stylist, having had her work published in various fashion magazines, featured as a session stylist for ABC's JTV and the Annual Australian Fashion Week in the VIP Styling Room each year since 2006. Sonya continues to be invited to floor judge hair competitions at State and National level. Sonya is a leading hairdresser specialist in multi-technique hair extensions, dreadlocks, braiding, permanent hair straightening, colour and styling in Newcastle.